SCCC's Secondary Jumper - navy polycotton V-neck pullover with rib detail at neck, wrist and waist. 



Care Instructions

It is best to hand wash all 65/35 Polyester Cotton garments. Mix your wool wash detergent with warm water (40 degrees max), and squeeze the water through the garment. Rinse your garment in cold water till the garment no longer has a soapy texture, this may take several rinses. You may choose to spin the excess water out on the spin cycle in the washing machine.

It is best to dry your garments flat, and in the shade on a clotheshorse. Do not hang on a clothesline or a coat hanger, as this will affect the shape of the garment. Do not tumble dry your garment; this will have adverse affects on the sizing of your garment.

Your garment will benefit from a gentle press. Once your garment is dry, use a steam iron on the wool setting and iron carefully.

You may choose to have your garment professionally dry cleaned. This can be done safely provided the garment is dry cleaned in any solvent other than trichloroethylene.

Garments need to be clean when stored, especially where the climate is warm and humid. Insects are attracted to the protein in cotton and or any soiled area of the garment. Although yarn is treated with products to help resist damage from insects, this will only kill the insects upon ingestion of the fibres. Ensure your garment is stored neatly folded and well ventilated with insect deterrents.